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NEXT Blockchain for
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Unfair Revenue Distribution

Dominant online platforms monopolize distribution and share revenue with creators in an unfair manner.

Image and design content platforms such as Getty Images share 25% of their revenue with content creators.

SNS (Social Networking Service) such as Facebook and Instagram, do not share any of their revenue with content creators even though the creators are the fountain of their service environment.

Unclear Content Copyright Ownership

On various platforms, individuals post and share their photos, messages, and video on various platforms. Although creators should retain the rights for these contents, most of the platforms freely use them for their marketing and commercialization in exchange for their services and data.

Corporate-Friendly Platform Operation

Recently many have seen the YouTube blocking individual creators who act as a public critic. When advised by advertisers, YouTube blocked the accounts of the creators who criticized their products and services. As the use of videos for criticism does not constitute copyright infringement by fair use, reviewers did not expect their accounts to be blocked.


It is fair that creators should have ownership rights over their creations. They have the right to know how their
content is distributed and how much revenue they generate. Understanding this scheme allows them to decide whether to commercialize their digital assets and get a fair share of revenue. OGQ protects their ownership rights over their creations by using the following methods.

1. Separation of Platform Services and Content Creations

If creators can create content independently from platform service, their copyright can not be subject to the platform. Which means that creators can protect their creations even if the platform removes their content or blocks their account, or forces them to do so.

2. Transparent and Irreversible Recording of Content and its Copyright through Blockchain

OGQ keeps a record of all content and copyright in the OCP on the Right for All Creators Blockchain ("NEXT") using blockchain technology. The content data and copyright recorded in the NEXT guarantees the creator's ownership over their content and creative activities as long as the blockchain ecosystem continues.

3. Fair Distribution of Revenue using Cryptocurrency

All transactions using cryptocurrency are recorded on the blockchain fairly and securely. There are no currency exchange fees or cross country transmission costs when using cryptocurrency. XRT is a cryptocurrency used by the OGQ's NEXT. OGQ distributes revenues to all creators around the world through XRT using a transparent and fair process.


New Economy for
XreaTors (NEXT)

Xreators presents the “New Economy for XreaTors”(NEXT) blockchain to the OGQ environments, where various products have been in service for several years. The integrations could provide technological benefits of the transparent and irreversible nature of blockchain to all participants in the OGQ environment. Content and its copyrights are recorded on the NEXT transparently and securely. Although all services are provided currently using real currency(fiat), the XRT(Method of Payment) will also be used at the same time. The XRT provides benefits in the form of discount and reward credits. The financial access issues brought up by the overseas creators can be solved by using the XRT.

Modeling &

The NEXT is the Xreators’ blockchain, which has already been integrated to the existing service environment. It keeps a strong record of all data transactions, including content, copyrights, purchase, and sales information, on the blockchain. The NEXT allows us to ensure transparency and security in our data recording mechanism making the OGQ and its markets more reliable for both creators and consumers. It is composed of the following key benefits.

1. Strong Copyright Protections for the Content

Due to the irreversible and transparent nature of blockchain, NEXT can protect all content and copyrights that it stores. The original files containing content data and information are stored on the AWS (Amazon Web Server) separately from its backup files. Smart contracts are created and used to record all the content and creators’ information using the hash function. The recorded information is both transparent and irreversible. Even if the content stored on the web-server is lost or hacked, the records on the blockchain can be used to protect the copyright.

2. Trusted Transactions

Payments and transactions using currency are generally through trusted notaries. If the notary loses the record, the transaction is exposed to the risk of manipulation. A notary may also manipulate the transaction record by themselves. Blockchain provides a decentralized technological mechanism that can be mutually trusted. It ensures that various types of transactions within the environment are secure for all participants.

3. Crypto Currency without border

Cross-currency transactions require a significant amount of fee due to the complicated process and multi-engaging parties. Cryptocurrency is not subject to legal constraints and can be transferred at a considerably lower fee. In the NEXT environment, global participants can engage in transactions using cryptocurrency more efficiently

Integrating NEXT


The integration of NEXT to OGQ will be served as a blockchain usage guide for all content and copyright distribution platforms and open the door to a new era by creating the following synergy effects.

< A New Eco System of OGQ powered by the NEXT blockchain >

Synergy Cycle

The NEXT is connected to all markets and platforms through the OGQ Central Platform.
The markets, services, and third party applications of OGQ are operated at the service layer while NEXT records all transactions transferred to the OCP at the platform layer.

The NEXT’s adequate content/copyright protection, easy and trustworthy copyright trade using NFT, reliable decentralized transaction recording, and cross-border cryptocurrency trading and payment systems benefit both creators and consumers in the environment.


NEXT’s Token

NEXT has two different cryptocurrencies, the XRT and ORT.

XRT is the key utility used inside the ecosystem, such as the method of payment and the reward. It ensures that NEXT is run smoothly and grants exclusive benefits for all OGQ members in all markets and third-party platforms linked to the OCP.

ORT is another utility that is used mainly by creators and firms participating in OGQ’s environment. ORT also has the role of being the method of payment in commercial actions taken by creators and firms.

Definition of XRT

As the method of payment and reward, XRT features the usage as virtual money, mileage, or membership card commonly used in the real world.

XRT has most of the advantages, as specified in the above examples. It grants benefits for all product purchases and sales as well as services provided on the platform. In addition to platforms, it is also possible to be used in real life through collaboration with third party services.

Definition of ORT

AAs the method payment, the ORT would be used to execute commercial advertisements, corporate promotions, and various event collaborations. Creators and firms are major players for using ORT in NEXT Token Economy.

Also the ORT is rewarded to all certified creators in OGQ environment for their effort to benefit the environment’s sustainable growth.


XRT Circulation

Given the above table, the number of XRT supplied in Genesis Issuance would be 230,200,000. It is close to 2M USD. It is planned that an Official ORT Supplier will be appointed. The Official ORT Supplier will be in charge of balanced liquidity control over the markets.

There will be an official review of the supply performance when 90% of the ORT supplies are spread out to the markets. The review will make decisions regarding the extension of supplier contract, change of supplier, and size of XRT supply over the next period.

Estimate of 730,000,000 XRT Transactions in First Year

ORT Distribution

NEXT will generate total of 500 million ORTs in the ecosystem.
<The total number of ORT generated would be fixed>
*The Prior Value of ORT is 0.3 USD*

Overall, 35% of the ORT will be issued out gradually via Token Sales and Air Drops. About 10% of ORT has been designated to be used for team spread outs and partner collaborations. This amount of usage would have 18 months of the lock-up period.

OGQ’s Singapore Company, Xreators, will hold 30% of the tokens in hand to deal with potential liquidity issues.

The NEXT Ecosystem will have 25% of the ORTs for rewarding, maintaining and developing its sustainable ecosystem.


Use of Funds

The total amount of funds raised via Token Sales of ORT and/or Private Investment of XRT will be used for the following criteria:

R&D Expense (45%)

1. Development of Certification Solution

- Content Copyright Certification

- Creator Certification

- Copyright Protection Solution

2. Augmentation of Token related Smart Contracts

- XRT & ORT Smart Contract

- XRT Transaction Recording solution

- Internal Wallet

3. Development of Dapp

- Migrate Certification Solution to OCP

- Token Transaction System in Naver OGQ Market

- Token Transaction System in OGQ Market

- Token Transaction System in AfreecaTV OGQ Market

- Various Certificate Solution in OGQ Creator Studio

- Token Transaction System in OGQ Creator Studio

- Migrate Certification to OGQ Copyright Protection Solution

- Token Transaction System for 3rd party DAPP

Operation Expense (25%)

- Web Storage and Server Cost

- Human Resources Management

Business Development Expense(25%)

- Hosting NEXT Conference and Meet-ups for Promotion

- Listing on Crypto-Exchanges

- Collaboration with DAPPs in Main-net environment

- Blockchain Market Expansion



2019 2Q

Naver OGQ Market Launching

2019 3Q

OCP Development // Xreators Incorporation

2019 4Q

OCP Launching // Token Sales Preparation(Legal, Technical) // AfreecaTV OGQ Market Launching

2020 1Q~2Q

OCS Launch // Copyright Authentication Smart Contract Launch

2020 3Q

NEXT integration to OCS

2020 4Q

Listing on Crypto Exchanges // Future Token Sales of ORT // NEXT Beta Launching

2021 1Q~2Q

NEXT Official Launching // XRT Development // Token Economy Launch

2021 3Q~4Q

NEXT Business Expansion // Advancement of Copyright Authentication Protocol